Valentines Day

You guys! My husband is the most romantic Man eveR! I woke up Valentiens morning to this copy of the Magnolia Journal on my bedside table. I was surprised that he remembered the magazine. But I guess it's not that surprising since we both love watching Fixer Upper and even remodeled a fixer upper of our own! 


There was something extra on the front cover that took me a while to notice. "Valentines Day Edition", hand written by Bryan.


Flipping to the next page was another clue. The Contents Page had a little addition. Which was done very well btw. Bryan is soooo good. Can you spot the addition? 


I flipped through to page 41, and there was a full page spread dedicated to me! He did such a good job it looks like he paid $$ to actually have it put into the Journal! Either way, it made my heart melt. I sure love that  man.